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Winter 2023

The Catacombs of love

And other vividly honest poems by Alshaad Kara

The Catacombs of love

Under the catacombs of the Greek statuettes,
Our souls were separated forever.

We were stoned and torn down,
For being an adulterous sculpture of the heart,
Two men sharing a kiss.

Under these piles of stones,
We were only remnants of the past,

Dying hearts on the floor,
I was like a maharajah in love;
With my heart under the carpets of heartbreak.

Under the catacombs of the Greek statuettes,
We were nowhere representations of love,

Only broken stones that we were once statuettes,
Forever losing the war of love.

Snow snowflakes women suitors falling gay lgbtq+ hoping prince balcony loneliness love

His Prince Charming

By the sunrise on my balcony,
I could see all these damsels waiting to enter my castle.

My kingdom waited for me to choose a princess . . .

I had ample choices that I could choose all of them . . .

Yet my only wish,
By the sunset on my balcony,
Was for me to find a prince charming.

But none came for fear of being mocked.

That was my dream of finding a princely love.

tear heart heartbreak heartbroken love lost losing shed a tear of love gay lgbtq+

Shed of love

My heart is breaking because I know I will break his . . .
He is looking at me with sparkling eyes having found the shed of love.

But in my mind,
All I wanted was a casual fling.
Neither of us was prepared for that wild gay adventure of love . . .

Look what I have done now,
There is no turning back . . .
He is looking at me with sparkling eyes.

I kiss his forehead gently, sincerely,
With all my heart . . .

Yet inside my heart is breaking because I know I will break his . . .

I hope he can forgive me one day,
With all his heart.

I leave the room,
Glancing him for a last time . . .
In this lifetime.

Alshaad Kara (he/him) is a Mauritian poet who writes from his heart. His latest poems were published in one Magazine, parABnormal Magazine September 2022, and three anthologies, Les gardeurs de Rêves, Love Letters to Poe, Volume 2: Houses of Usher, and 20.35 Africa: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry Vol. V. You can find him on Instagram @teamalshaadkara and @alshaad_kara

Copyright © 2023 by Alshaad Kara
Published by Orion's Beau
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