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Our Mission

Orion's Beau creates a space where diverse artists, poets, writers, and others can share their original works. We strive to publish works that elevate fantasy, dreams, love, and fairy tales in the queer community and its supporters. Even in darkness, hope can exist. Happy endings are possible for us all.

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About Solomon Robert


Solomon Robert's short stories and flash fiction have been published by Wicked Gay Ways, Goodman Games, and Gay Flash Fiction. You can expect Robert to push buttons in his writing through his unique style and creative genius. Leaning towards underdogs and anti-heroes, he invokes readers to question their own boundaries and limits through the magical worlds his novels invite them into.


Solomon’s writing is fearless. His storytelling is engaging and reality bending. It is through his tales that he empowers others to lead their life in a way that they truly want - whether it’s coming out of the closet or expressing their creative weirdness, Solomon acts as a beacon of light for people everywhere ready to unleash their authentic selves and to love fearlessly. Without journeying through his own path of finding and liberating himself, Solomon wouldn’t have the strength today to show up in his power and own what he truly wants: a world of free expression, self acceptance and love.

He founded Orion's Beau in 2022 in order to create a space for amazing gay fantasy.


The Happy Ending

I once felt foolish for ever believing in a happy ending. I’d go on dates that seemed pointless. When I felt the excitement, it wasn’t returned. Instagram became my outlet for my happier thoughts—my picture-perfect self, while Tumblr became the haven for the darkness.

Someone on Tumblr posed the question, “Why would anyone want a story without a happy ending?” I replied, “There’s nothing sadder than a happy ending that you can’t envision happening for yourself.” I watched in horror as my response was shared over and over again. I meant what I wrote, but these were not the written words that I wanted amplified.

I found myself in the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Denmark. I felt like I was exploring the birthplace of fairy tales and fantasy. One of the rooms housed an exhibit of all of H.C. Andersen’s unrequited loves. Beautiful poems and long letters were displayed next to portraits of men and women. The museum explained which stories these situations had inspired. I thought about my own writing if I had my own exhibit of unrequited loves and the stories they’d inspired. Some I would like to cover with a sheet. Others, I’d probably laugh about now and wonder how I ever felt that way. In those situations, the only thing I still carried was a reinforced feeling that this was the only ending possible for me. I wondered what it would feel like to focus on the possibility of a love realized. Perhaps if H.C. Andersen had focused on that, there would be a room in this museum displaying a love realized.

I decided to write a short story with a happy ending. I envisioned a future relationship—the relationship that I wanted and tried to channel all of my frustration and hope into it. This short story was one of the first pieces that my now partner mentioned to me on reading my work. It now hangs up on the walls of my home and was published on GayFlashFiction.com in late December 2021.

Happy endings and hope matter. Gay fantasy should lift our community up and allow all of us to reconsider what's possible for us. I hope that Orion's Beau will do that.


About Orion's Beau

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Orion's Beau was founded in 2022 with the mission of providing quality fantasy to the gay community and elevating queer voices.

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As the beloved of the stars, we deserve a space to tell our stories ourselves.