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Fall 2023

Fall 2023: Transformation and the Power of Love

Forward & Cover Art by Oscar Rubalcava Aguilar

The Coastal Wildlife Refuge for Lost Girls

Fairy tale fantasy flash fiction by Alla Hoffman


A fantastical drawing by Tmaggzz

You Can Run

A horror, fantasy version of the queer writer experience by Jodie Baer

The wind will call me over land, coast and sea

A fantastical short story about a hen party on a magical island by JM Cyrus

The Lady of Shallot

A mythological retelling of art, obsession, and yearning by Claudia Hunt

Haunted House and Misfortunate Date

Artwork by Logan O'Connor

The Moss of His Skin

A haunting and beautiful fantasy poem by Andrew Liu

What if a trans guy at the end of the world

A post-apocalyptic short story by Tom Brinton

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