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Summer 2023

The Marriage of Feral Wives

A poem by Sarah Espinoza Repp

The Marriage of Feral Wives

by Sarah Espinoza Repp

Unclothed, breasts and feet bare, we ran away. 

Leaving wedding bands, corsets, and our lives

we fled into the summer night like prey. 

This was the first joining of feral wives. 

Damp and dotted with a midsummer's dew, 

it was her valley where I fell from grace. 

With deftest lips we held our prayers taboo,

and whispered things unholy and unchaste. 

We knew the words "let lips do what hands do"

and when our most tameless deeds were done,

we curled together under rising moons.

With steaming skin, we waited for the sun.

By morning's break, we stole back to our lives.

and we kept our secret: the marriage of feral wives.

Feral wives poetry lesbian sapphic love

Sarah Espinoza Repp (She/Her)  is a writer out of the Indianapolis area. When she’s not hanging out with her partner and son, she can be found writing short stories and poetry.

Copyright © 2023 by Sarah Espinoza Repp
Published by Orion's Beau

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