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Inaugural Issue
Spring 2022

Spring 2022: The Inaugural Issue

Forward & PDF Version

A Constellation's Emergence

Illustration by Oscar Rubalcava Aguilar

Ministering Angel

A poem by Stephen Mead

The Last Gemstone

A high fantasy short story by Solomon Robert


A poem by Cat M.

Letters From My Beloved

A paranormal romance short story by Sarah Butkovic

My Electrolattice Heart Will Go On

A sci-fi romance short story by C.M. Fields

Sand For Wind

A high fantasy short story by Kevin M. Casin


A mythological short story by Mike Mayak

Summer 2022: Mischief, Trouble, and Challenging the Status Quo

Forward & Cover Art by Crystal Cosmos

A Promissory Reincarnation

Illustration & Poem by Bob McNeil


A horror short story by Phoenix Roberts

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